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• billboards 3X6 m on the fence of the construction site of the second phase of the Gallery Chizhov Centre

• light panels in the shopping centre - holders on the tables food court

• ads in sensory information kiosks - audio advertisement on  local radio broadcast of the Centre Gallery Chizhov

Benefits of Advertising in the Centre Gallery Chizhov:

During the day from 25 to 40 thousand people visit the Gallery Chizhov Centre!

- Ability to influence the audience into target groups

- High consumer activity of audience, located in retail outlets

 - High frequency of contact with the consumer advertisements (ads in the local radio broadcast are published 6 times per hour (every 10 minutes about 3 minutes).

 - Advertising in the mall that television doesn’t have

 - Lack of legal restrictions on the advertising of alcohol and tobacco

 - Due to the coverage of advertising at the Gallery Chizhov Centre, it is possible not only to advertise the products displayed at the centre, but also to inform customers about various goods and services. That is why our clients are real estate agencies, construction companies, banks, furniture factories, restaurants, etc.

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