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Along with the completed application to the following materials are available: - Photo of existing stores (or design projects of existing stores) - preferably in electronic form - Other materials at your discretion

Contact: Tel. (473) 239-57-45 (multichannel)

* (requirements for electricity (lights indicating the number of lux / sq.m. , commercial equipment , the number of connection points and 220V/380V power of the connected equipment , devices , etc. ), kW
- The need to supply sewage water (water flow m3/day, the amount required toilets, the need to install heaters), etc.
- The need for a telephone line / leased line Internet
- The necessary conditions for advertising and navigation (the need for advertising on the facade of the building, etc.)
- The need for lifts / elevators / landing stage
- Other requirements of constructive and «emotional " properties)

** - Main brands (providing 80% of revenue)
- A list of product categories
- Approximate price category of goods (in rubles. Inside and out, for buyers of moderate means, above average, "elite" products)
- Characteristics of consumers (gender, age, type of activity)
- The main producing countries of the range
- Estimation of the brands represented (global, national, regional, local, in popularity among buyers)

*** - Level (local / regional / federal)
- Means (outdoor advertising, radio / TV - advertising, etc.)