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Сoncept and history

"Our mission - to make a contribution to the development of mankind. The purpose of our work consists in the continuous development of our company and our employees. We see our goal in providing every client with achievement of the civilization in all spheres of activity, which our work is focused on. The development in the way of socially responsible business - it is our belief which provides the stability and harmony of the society! 


Gallery Chizhov Centre – the centre of a modern city


In 2011, in the centre of a city with population above 1 million people, on the Koltsovskaya street the construction of the most powerful commercial project - the business property of Voronezh - Gallery Chizhov Centre (144,000 square meters) was completed. It consists of a 25 - storey business centre class "B +" (14,000 square meters), a 8 - level Centre (130,000 square feet) and is located in the "heart" of the business, trade, cultural and historical life of the city.




The unique interior, spacious shopping malls, light-filled atrium, panoramic lifts, glass waterfall with backlit, exclusive fountain - watch, decorative landscaping - beautiful and at the same time functional architectural solutions make the Gallery Chizhov Centre a real attraction of Voronezh.


GALLERY Chizhov CENTRE – the centre above and “under” the ground


Gallery Chizhov Centre gently cares about its customers. It means that life in the Centre  is "boiling" not only above the ground, but also "under." In the best traditions of European shopping objects in Gallery Chizhov Centre for the convenience of visitors on zero floor there is  a wide range of additional services including a dry cleaning, a  laundry, a ticket office, ATMs and more. The Parking, located on three "underground" floors, is able to hold more than 750 cars at the same time.


Gallery Chizhov Centre – European Service Centre


Security System of the centre consists of three branches: video surveillance (cameras installed in all the shopping areas and elevators), access control (access system) and twenty-four-hour security.


On each floor of the Centre there are special counters with highly qualified administrators. They help visitors to find their way in the centre, find necessary trading section, and answer the questions.


Gallery Chizhov Centre – Centre of comfortable orientation


Spacious Gallery Chizhov Centre is equipped with an integrated navigation system Directorix, which contains a full set of features, allowing to receive the information about the Centre immediately, shops, departments, as well as the products and services.


Gallery Chizhov Centre – Centre of global brands


It is logical that such a beautiful and multi-functional shopping centre takes under its wing many well-known brands. PROMOD, ZARA, Adidas, Carlo Pazolini, Bershka, Motivi, Monsoon, O'Stin, Marlboro Classics, Benetton, Mascotte – there are more than 200 retail sections on total area  ​​over 46,000 square meters. Nowadays the citizens of Voronezh do not need to travel to Moscow or Europe anymore to buy latest novelties. All fashion is shown at one place - at Koltsovskaya, 35!


The Dynamics of development 

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