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December, 22nd 2010 there was an opening of the Cinema which is one the most modern 3D cinemas in Russia with IMAX cinema hall. This festive event has become the most important step of introduction of new unique cinema technologies not only in Voronezh, but also in Russia. 10-halls 3D cinema “Cinema Park” is situated in the biggest and the most modern shopping centre in Voronezh. “Centre Gallery Chozhov” is a grand real estate development project with a total area 140 000 sq. m.

Cinema Interior, designed by Italian designer Saura Sermenge, takes viewers on a square of ​​the Italian city of Siena. The unique architectural design is decorated with hand-painted frescoes, the soft daylight falls on it streaming through the glass panoramic roof of an atrium. There are  a real fountain and a stage for premieres In the center of the lobby . It is perhaps the biggest IMAX hall in Europe. The size of the largest and most progressive display in Voronezh is  28h16m. Throughout the world, the  technology IMAX is recognized by cinema viewers as an exclusive system with  maximum diving effect. Not only  super hall  IMAX, but also four cinema halls are equipped with digital facilities for showing films in 3D. In addition, the construction of the "floating screen" of Cinema Park chain can increase the size of the visual perception of the picture and transfer to the magic world of cinema. Another “know-how” is an interactive informational panel, which is installed in the lobby.


  • 10 cinema halls, 2020 seats, premiere IMAX hall 487 seats
  •  5 rooms with the possibility of showing films in the revolutionary 3D format
  •  Superior halls RELAX and JOLLY (with separate vip-bar)
  •  Equipment for digital screening 


Chairs are designed and produced  by LINO SONEGO specially for CINEMA PARK chain. Besides there are  seats for disabled people and headphones for hearing impaired viewers. The quality of screening is confirmed by international certificates.

All rooms are equipped with modern climate control system, which continuously provide comfortable stay in the cinema  at any time of the year.      

There are night sessions On Fridays, Saturdays, pre holidays  and holidays




The official page:  www.cinemapark.ru


Tickets booking: www.cinemapark.ru/multiplexes/show/20


The address Voronezh, Shopping  Centre Gallery Chizhov


Tel.  8 (473) 2615-997, 2615-996



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